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Please Read Instructions: With this Free Java Chat tool you can easily make a chat login form in HTML code for your own web page to let people log on to your Chat Channel directly from your web site. This does not require any special skills nor any requirements to your web host, and it's absolutely free! Complete the setup below, press the "Make" button, and copy the code to your webpage where you want the chat login to apear.

NOTE: Javascript must be enabled to create your code. This works with Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape 4.x, or higher.
Your screen display setting for using our free java chat should be at least 800x600 pixels.

Basic setup:
Let people chose if they want op controls or not? Yes No

If no:  Show opcontrols by default?

Yes No
Let user chose which channel to join? Yes No
If no:  Which channel to join? CHANGE THIS value to your LIVE chat #channel name, and include the # sign.
GUI setup:
Login background: Select one or type in the Hex color in the box. Clickking the "!" will show a preview of the color. Select a color OR enter Hex code below.
Hex color
Text color on login: Select a color OR enter Hex code below.
Hex color
Show border around login: Yes No

If Yes:  Border thickness?

Border color?

 must be above 0

Select a color OR enter Hex code below.
Hex color
Make Java Script: Press the [ Make ] button below to Make the code -- press the [ Highlight ] button to cut/paste your code -- press the [ Preview ] button after you Make the code to sample your results.

NOTE: The JavaChat works best with
Internet Explorer 4.x or higher
with screen display at least 800x600 pixels.